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W-2 Magnetic Media

W-2 Magnetic Media Reporting

Fast Facts

Latest Release:  2001 Version

Last Update:      Nov 2001

Price:                   $495.00

Source Code:     Available


Are you aware that...

  • If your company files more than 250 W-2's, you are required by law to submit your W-2's to the government in a magnetic media format (i.e., on tape or diskette).
  • If your company fails to comply with this law, it could face a penalty of $50 per employee!

Why take the time-consuming and error-prone approach of developing new software to meet this government requirement when W-2 Magnetic Media is available to do the job for you.

W-2 Magnetic Media is the easy-to-use, reliable, AND inexpensive solution to your W-2 Magnetic Media reporting needs.


  • Multi-company capability.
  • Interactive, edited data entry.
  • Help screens.
  • Verification reports.
  • Generation of transmittal forms.
  • Output to diskette or tape.
  • Run stand-alone or import your data.
  • No programming required.
  • Government approved.
  • Source code available.

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